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Teach Economics with a

Real Market Economy

Classroom Markets allows students to experience the real interactions in a market by allowing students to produce and buy extra credit for class assignments.

Unlike most market simulation games which are completely hands off, Classroom Markets is built with a focus on letting professors walk students through important economic concepts.

This allows professors the unique ability to create unique teachable moments like never before.

How It Works

Create a Market.

Professors create a contained market for extra credit in their class.

Each market has its own supply of extra credit, pool of student demand, and graphs of the market’s health such as inflation, price, demand, and supply.

Produce Currency.

Students earn virtual money from instructors as they participate in class; at the same time, the supply of extra credit is also increased.

Students Buy Extra Credit.

When an assignment is due, all of the extra credit in the market is put up for sale, and students enter their demand for extra credit.

The market price is generated to clear the market, and students are awarded extra credit.

The Team

As a team of students, professors, and developers, everyone on the classroom markets team brings their own unique perspective.

Josh Staveley O'Carroll

Dr. Staveley-O’Carroll has been teaching college level economics for over ten years and developed the concept for Classroom Markets while working at Lander University. His research covers international capital flows and economic pedagogy. In his classrooms he strives to give students as many hands on experiences with economic phenomena as possible.

Terri Javaluyas

Terri Javaluyas is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University. After doing UX/UI design work at a healthcare company, she became interested in learning more about front-end development and became involved in the redesign of Classroom Markets. As Terri prepares to graduate in May, she is actively pursuing more opportunities in the design field.

Cindy Zhao

Cindy Zhao is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University. She is passionate about visual design and front-end development, and is always eager to learn more. Along with ClassRoomMarkets, Cindy is a senior designer for a number of magazines on campus, and enjoys photography; her work can be seen at zhaocindy.com


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